About Wolf & Laudicina, Ltd.

As a small firm, every client is of great value.  We are proud to provide personal attention and client satisfaction is our utmost priority.  Our firm offers decades of trial experience on a wide variety of legal issues.  We embrace technology, and our office is fully paperless, with all cases accessible remotely so we can assist clients at any time.

We offer competitive rates, but the hourly rate an attorney charges is only half the equation.  The amount of time billed per task is equally important.  Our philosophy has always been to do only that work that is necessary, and to do it as efficiently as possible.  As a result, we provide an excellent value for our services.

Our Promise

  • We will always endeavor to balance our professional judgment with economic considerations when determining what legal work should be done.

  • We will work as diligently and zealously as possible while maintaining the quality of our work in order to minimize the time required to perform a given task.

  • We will earnestly endeavor to limit the expenses associated with any legal work as much as possible.

  • We will not use standard or minimum billing entries with the exception of our disclosed units of incremental billing (tenths of an hour).

  • We will not bill our clients for general overhead expenses such as routine photocopying, telephone (including long distance), telefax, and general clerical work.

  • Our clients always receive the benefit of any economies of scale such as multiple simultaneous court appearances by a single attorney (total time spent is pro-rated over all cases handled).

  • We will not re-bill for work previously performed on another file when that same work product is utilized (motions, research, etc.), other than the time necessary to modify or update the work.

  • We will always be available to discuss any questions a client has about a bill and will never make a client feel uncomfortable about making such inquiries;

  • We will otherwise respond to the trust that has been placed in us by maintaining the highest possible level of integrity in our billing practices and legal work.